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The AMITemp® Thermometer is a single-use thermometer that is made of an unbreakable, flexible plastic and contains no toxic substances. It records an accurate temperature in 60 seconds orally, or 3 minutes under the arm. The last in a series of dots to turn black dot shows the temperature. AMITemp® Thermometers are individually sealed in a clean, non-latex wrapper and are perfect for clinical, home, travel, and other uses.

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In some cases, due to contracts with overseas distributors, AMITemp® may not be sold directly to clients in your country. You may order online, but there may be instances where we cannot process your order. If this happens, we will notify you immediately and put you in touch with our local distributor. To find out more about these extremely safe and accurate thermometers, please see the Medical Information sections on AMITemp®. If you would like a quotation on AMITemp® for your hospital, clinic, or organization, please contact us at

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Product Overview and Description

AMITemp® Thermometers indicate temperature via a grid of dots that serve as the temperature-reading device. Each row of dots on the grid represents increments of measure ranging from 96.0 degrees to 104.8 degrees in Fahrenheit and 35.5 degrees to 40.4 degrees in Celsius. The dots are made up of non-toxic compounds that cause the dots to change to black in relation to an increase in temperature. The last dot to turn black indicates the correct temperature. The thermometer will reset itself after about 30 to 45 seconds and all the dots will return to their jewel-like green state. This reversibility feature allows the thermometers to be shipped and stored under conditions that require no special temperature control. They can withstand environmental temperatures as high as 140 degrees Fahrenheit without damaging their accuracy and readability.

The accuracy of the AMITemp® Thermometer equals or exceeds that of glass-mercury and exceeds that of electronic thermometers and has been proven by millions of accurate temperature readings around the world over the past decade. The dot matrix technology meets strict ASTM accuracy requirements. As with all oral thermometers, readings are more accurate when the consumption of cold/hot drinks is more than 20 minutes prior to taking temperature and when the thermometer is properly placed in the mouth or under the arm.

The Precision Phase Change dot matrix technology requires only 2 milligrams of the chemical combination to fill each individual dot. The chemicals used have undergone extensive toxicity, irritation and sensitization analysis similar to tests done on controlled substances for daily oral use including items such as toothpaste and mouthwash. Results prove the compound to be non-hazardous, with fewer reactions than the toothpaste and mouthwash. This system contains no potentially toxic materials (batteries in digital thermometers or mercury in glass thermometers). This system presents no significant disposal problems and eliminates the danger of glass ingestion or mercury poisoning that can result from the routine damage to a glass thermometer.

Quality assurance procedures are conducted on the chemical compound in its original format, during the on-line production process and finally, on samples of the finished product. Batches of 50,000 devices are tested in multiple water baths for accuracy. If even one of the more than 500 randomly sampled devices fails to measure temperature precisely across the ASTM-prescribed range, the entire batch is "failed". In this way, we assure that our clients receive the best and most accurate liquid crystal thermometers available anywhere.

Product Use and Procedure

Oral Use Use Under the Arm

Oral Use:

Place dot end of the thermometer as far back as possible under the tongue in either heat pocket, like a conventional glass thermometer. Have patient press down with their tongue on the thermometer while keeping their mouth closed. Wait at least one minute before removing. READ IMMEDIATELY. For children under 3 years, use under the arm.

Axillary Use:

Place under arm with green dots deep in axilla. Use arm to hold thermometer in place for at least 3 minutes. READ IMMEDIATELY.

To Read:

Remove thermometer and look at the dot grid. The last dot to turn BLACK indicates the correct temperature. Read temperature IMMEDIATELY. Normal oral temperatures are between 97 degrees to 99 degrees Fahrenheit and 36.5 degrees to 37.5 degrees Celsius.

Features and Benefits

Accurate - AMITemp® Precision Phase Change (PPC) Thermometers have been proven under clinical conditions and meet stringent ASTM accuracy requirements.

Easy to use - AMITemp® Thermometers are easy to use and easier to read than predecessor dot-matrix thermometers. Contrasting color pattern and new enhanced signal "embossed" dots improves visibility under a wide variety of lighting conditions.

Convenient and Versatile - AMITemp® Thermometers can be used orally or axillary. They are self-contained with no circuits, no moving parts, no probe covers, and no recalibration.

Offers a wide temperature range - Fahrenheit 96.0 degrees to 104.8 degrees and Celsius 35.5 degrees to 40.4 degrees.

No special storage conditions required - You can use AMITemp® Thermometers just about anywhere. Unlike older dot-matrix thermometers, AMITemp® requires only normal storage conditions. AMITemp® will not "fire" prematurely, nor do they require placing in a freezer for hours to "reset". A truly "No-Hassle" instrument.

Non-Toxic - Replaces dangerous glass-mercury thermometers. Eliminates toxic disposal waste problems. Conforms to ASTM E-1296 and NIST 250-23.

Hygienic - Each individually sealed AMITemp® Thermometer is designed to help reduce the risk of cross-infection or re-infection that could occur with other thermometry systems.

Economical - There is no additional cost necessary for probe covers, batteries, recalibration, maintenance of units or disinfecting solutions.


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Single-Use AMITemp®  Precision Phase Change Thermometers Celsius Scale 35.5° to 40.4° C, 100 overwrapped units per box.

Box of 100




Single-Use AMITemp® Precision Phase Change Thermometers Fahrenheit Scale 96.0° to 104.8° F, 100 overwrapped units per box.

Box of 100



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