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AMI•Cell™ PVA Products

AMI•Cell™ PVA Information

Nasal Products

Advanced Meditech offers a complete line of AMI•Cell™ PVA sponges for postoperative packing following nasal surgery.

  • Used following septoplasty, rhinoplasty and turbinectomy procedures

  • Rapid absorption of fluids and blood

  • Helps to hold septum firmly in place

  • Available in a range of sizes: 3.0cm pediatric to 10.0cm

  • Select sizes available in an anatomical shape and all sizes available with an airway tube

  • Popular sizes also available in our patented layered design

  • Excellent alternative to cumbersome gauze packing





Sinus Packs

Advanced Meditech offers a complete line of AMI•Cell™ sinus packing specifically designed for use following sinus surgeries.

  • Ideal packing following FESS (Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery)

  • Allows the sinus cavity to remain open while absorbing post-operative fluids

  • Fine pore construction reduces tissue adherence

  • Available in a range of lengths and thicknesses

  • Patented layered design allows for easy manipulation



Epistaxis Products

The AMI Cell line of epistaxis sponges provides fast, highly absorbent treatment of nosebleeds.

  • Fluid absorption causes the packing to expand producing a tamponading effect

  • Available in a variety of sizes: 3.0cm anterior to 10.0cm posterior

  • All are strung for safety

  • Ideal for use in emergency rooms, clinics, and doctor's offices



Otology Products

AMI Cell provides both ear wicks and ear packs.

  • Much smaller, compressed form, allows easy insertion into swollen ear canal with minimal patient discomfort

  • Ear wicks are perfect for use with treatments for otitis externa

  • Wicks help maintain antibiotics in the ear canal

  • Ear wicks are also available fenestrated

  • Ear packs are used following otic surgery

  • Helps prevent stenosis of the ear canal

  • Inhibits movement of the graft following tympanoplasty

  • Pediatric sizes available



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