Treatment of Subungual Hematoma with CH-HI and CT-2101,

handheld thermal cautery and tips



This brief guide demonstrates the treatment of subungual hematoma using a reusable thermal cautery with sterile, disposable thermal cautery tips. For practitioners who have never treated subungual hematoma in this way, this guide provides a clear, step-by-step training reference.


Subungual hematoma is a relatively common condition. Treatment requires only minor surgery for which thermal cautery is highly effective. Subungual hematoma can be extremely painful, the result of blood exerting pressure beneath the nail. Fortunately, releasing the blood relieves the pain right away.





Start with a clean operative site and observe proper protocol for minor surgery.



Use a CT-2101 high temperature fine tip with the CH-HI reusable thermal cautery handle. Load the tip and sterile sheath per instructions.











Rest the cautery tip gently against the nail. Press the switch to activate the cautery and allow the glowing wire to burn a small hole through the nail.





Because the nail itself has no nerve endings, the operation should  be painless. As long as the practitioner

takes care not to apply too much pressure to the nail with the cautery,

the patient should experience little or no pain. No anesthesia is required.


Following release of the blood, the hole in the nail is cleaned and allowed to dry.

It may then be sealed with clear nail varnish and left to grow out.